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How to Not Be Shy | How to Overcome Shyness Online Training

“Blow Up Your Social Life – Learn How to Not Be Shy in 60 Days or Less”

So you want to learn how to not be shy…

Let me guess. You make excuses to avoid going out, you always feel awkward and don’t know what to say in conversations? You wish you could make friends and talk to people as easily as others do. And maybe you feel like life is passing you by.

Trust me, I know the feeling and learning how to overcome shyness changed my life.

In this video I’m going to show you 3 things that most people don’t know about when they want to learn how to not be shy. There’s a lot of useless information out there like ‘just get over it’ and this kind of thing does NOT help you overcome shyness. In fact, it can really make things worse.

People either don’t know how to overcome shyness OR they don’t know how to do it properly. So pay attention!

The First Step of Learning How to Not Be Shy

The first step is actually the easiest, and the most important. I’ve been showing people how to overcome shyness for a while now and I’m constantly hearing the same things.

“I’ve tried everything on overcoming shyness – I just can’t do it”


“I’m a shy person and I can’t change”

Now I’m not one for motivational pep talks. Getting little one line quotes which inspire you for half an hour and then get forgotten is not the way to overcome shyness, but this one time I’m going to make an exception. Because it’s important you understand this or you’re not going to make a proper effort to learn how to not be shy.

You don’t need to change who you are to overcome shyness. You don’t need to change how you act. And you don’t need to ‘fake’ being comfortable in social situations.

how to not be shyYou can’t learn to become a complete extrovert overnight (the human brain just doesn’t work like that). But you can learn how to not be shy. You wouldn’t believe the change it can make to your life.

And here’s the important bit. And I want you to remember this.

Anyone can learn. Anyone. The techniques I’ve learned about how to overcome shyness will work for anyone. A guy called Rory used to avoid walking along busy streets. To avoid people, he would always go the long route to take the quiet back streets.

I took him aside one day and a few weeks later he practically become the life of the party. In fact he’s often the reason there IS a party (and he loves what I showed him so much I usually get an invite ;) )

The last thing you should do now is think you’re different from this or just move on to somewhere else thinking finding this site is your ‘job done’. We only have one life guys, that’s all any of us have. You’ve found this page which is a good first step and it shows you want to overcome your shyness, you want to change your life.

Take the shyness quiz to get an idea of your specific situation and my full video training on overcoming shyness: The Truth About Shyness.

Click Here to Take the Shyness Quiz

The Second Step in Learning How to Not Be Shy

The second step is something I really get into in the truth about shyness. It’s understanding shyness.

A huge key to learning how to overcome shyness is learning why you feel shy. What situations make you feel shy? Why do you feel that way? If you know why it’s happening you’re in a much better position to understand how to beat it.

Shyness and Social Anxiety is basically a self defense mechanism. At some point you’ve learned that being loud and outgoing results in a negative response and the lower levels of your brain adapt to that.

This is why reasoning things like “What’s the worst that can happen” DOESN’T WORK!

You can’t reason with lower brain function. Your hands sweat, you’ll blush and feel awkward because that’s your brain panicking. It reads a social situation as a danger, a threat, something to be avoided.

how to overcome shynessBut by understanding this – there’s techniques you can use to overcome shyness. ‘Tricks’ you can use to retrain the lower levels of your brain that there really is nothing to be afraid of – and this is how you learn how to not be shy. And we’re not talking about feeling more confident for a week or two and then lapsing back into shyness. We’re talking real, long term results which will change your life.

You can take the Truth About Shyness quiz to get an idea of what you need to overcome and learn the techniques I was talking about. Trust me – this is the best way to learn how to not be shy. These exact techniques changed my life.

The Final Step in Starting to Learn How to Overcome Shyness

In step two I mentioned why “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” doesn’t work.

Well I’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard this line before. Step three is learning to ignore half of the advice on shyness and social anxiety out there.

Here’s the deal – you can’t tell people how to not be shy if you haven’t gone through shyness yourself. It just doesn’t work. What seems like a simple task to some people is an immensely awkward situation to others.

And what’s worse is a lot of the advice they give (while they mean well) can actually make things worse. Normally the rubbish how to not be shy advice involves putting yourself in uncomfortable social situations.

Remember what I said about the lower levels of your brain learning that these situations are bad? What do you think is going to happen if you just keep forcing yourself back into them?

Exactly – you’re going to make it worse. So learning how to overcome shyness and social anxiety is about learning the right techniques to properly train yourself and not just blindly force yourself to ‘get out there’ and just make things worse. We have an adapted training guide from overcoming shyness which aims to change your social life around.

Overcoming Shyness Today

So whatever age you are, however much shyness affects you – I want you to know one thing. been there. Shyness made me feel miserable and depressed for a long time and I’ve come out on the other side. I chat to strangers and meet new people but I haven’t forgotten where I came from.

All of my techniques and strategies are here and I’ve had emails from a lot of people in the past about how I’ve helped them – I hope to count you among that list.

Stop putting up with it and hiding away – take the quiz and change your life.

To Watch Part Two of This Shyness Video Click Here

(Take the overcoming shyness quiz first to get an evaluation of your situation)

To your social success,


how to not be shy .com

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    My name is Chris for a start,

    I suffered from shyness for the longest time and it really changed my life during my university years. Luckily I learned how to overcome shyness and to help people going through the same thing I put together how to not be shy .com.

    Nothing fancy, but there's enough information here to tun your life around - I hope it helps.

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